5 things that make Canadians great dates

If you’ve had the pleasure of dating a Canadian, you’ll know why they make such terrific partners. From eligible men in Montreal to fun-loving Kamloops singles, these fun-loving Northerners are wonderful company, have a great range of interests, and are affectionate to boot. They’re also very polite, which makes them perfect for bringing home to your parents, but they’re confident, which means they’ll chat you up no matter where they meet you. Here are five reasons our Canuck brothers and sisters make terrific dates:


They’re fun to be around

Canadians are a whole heap of fun to be around, infusing their dates with great company, hilarious stories and a good-natured sense of humor. They’re self-deprecating and able to laugh at themselves, which makes spending time in their company lots of fun.

They have a wide range of interests

Canadians are interested in lots of different things – from hockey to hiking and everything in between. Canadians sure do love their sport, so while you may not get anything out of your man or woman during a Maple Leafs or Senators game, they’ll talk happily about the subject (and many other things) once the game is over. Canadians also have a love of art and culture, with some of their bigger cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver home to some of the greatest cultural institutions in the world.


They’re very polite

There’s an old joke that seems to reflect Canadians’ well-behaved nature:  How do you get twenty drunken Canadians out of your swimming pool? Answer: You say, “Please get out of the pool.” It’s true that the people of the Great White North are especially polite, which makes them not only terrific dating material but also means you can confidently bring your boyfriend home to mom or dad, safe in the knowledge that they’ll show up on time, bring flowers and clean up after dinner. Awwwwww.

They’re confident

When it comes to dating, we all know that confidence is king. It’s much easier to date someone who is sure of themselves, and Canadians tend to have that inner confidence. They’re also great at chatting up new people, whether they’re in a bar, at the gym or even just on the street. They’re even confident when it comes to online dating sites: eHarmony Canada is home to many thousands of Canadian singles looking for their next great relationship.



They speak the world’s most romantic language

It’s commonly known that French is the world’s sexiest language, and Canada is a bilingual country where many people speak French. So whether you’re holding hands through the cobbled streets of Quebec city or strolling through peaceful Montreal, you’ll hear this romantic tongue being spoken fluently and easily. 

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