Squamish – Canada’s first rock climbing destination

When thinking of Canada, rock climbing- or more specifically bouldering (climbing short problems without ropes)- probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But if you were to go to Squamish, on the West Coast, to the north of Vancouver, in the summer, you would find dozens or more of climbers attempting to climb rocks in the neighboring forests.


Many factors contribute to make this town and its surroundings one of the best bouldering place in North America. First, the temperate climate and the fact that the boulders are always in the shade allows climbing in the summer. Indeed, as bouldering involves short but intense efforts, heat isn’t a good thing. The friction is also greatly reduced on the granite when it is hot. There are also so many boulders that you can find over 2,500 problems to climb, with a potential for more to be added.

Climbing for all in beautiful nature

There are so many different types of problems that everyone can find something to climb, whether you are an experimented boulderer or a novice, whether you like hard problems or are looking for nice lines to climb. The vibrant community of climbers makes the place a pleasant spot and some people set up camp for the whole of the summer.


The West Coast of Canada is also a beautiful mountain environment, with lush forests and a scenic estuary. Squamish has everything climbers want, a lot challenging problems, a pleasant social environment, and beautiful natural surroundings. This is a great way to discover Canada and be active during the holidays.


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