Looking for Grizzly Bears

Canada is a big country, in fact it is the second largest in the world after Russia, which most territory is inhabited, except by the wildlife. One of the most impressive and sought animal here is the grizzly bear, extremely dangerous but beautiful. It is of course totally not recommended to go looking for one yourself, but there are expeditions and places where you can observe them safely.

One of them is the Great Bear Lodge, a floating lodge in Knight Inlet, 50 miles from Port Hardy, British Columbia, which is used as a base for grizzly bear viewing programs. Whatever expedition you go for, there are different moments to go looking for grizzly bears. If you go in spring, you will see them as they leave the dens where they hibernated in winter and graze on sedges and grasses to regain their strength. This is also the breeding season which sees males and females interacting.

The bears are then on the move during the summer to go where the food is as they have to feed their cubs. The most popular time to observe grizzlies is in the autumn when they are hunting the thousands of salmons returning to the streams.

The stunning landscapes of Canada add to the incredible spectacle of these huge animals walking past you.


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